Tuesday, 23 October 2012

[Card of the Day Profile] 23/10/12, Tear Knight Lazarus

TD07/004  -  BT08/036 R
Tear Knight, Lazarus 「チィアーナイト ラザロス」
Grade 2/Intercept/Clan: Aqua Force/Type: Aquaroid -  Power 10,000/Shield: 5000/Critical: 1

No Skill -

A First Lieutenant in the "Aqua Force" Navy, he is a member of the Executive Enforcement Squad "Tear Knight". Always hoping to be assigned to the front line, he's battle-loving knight who wants to lead the vanguard group. Because he's descended directly from the Tear Dragons, he differs from the other knights with water wings by having the wings of a water dragon. Due to the shape of his fin-like wings when they're folded, he's capable of moving at high speeds without using a booster to ride the water currents. These wings return to their huge shape on land, and it is said that they can be used for short flights. While there are many useful and talented people in the "Tear Knight" group, he is currently the only one who can freely fight on land, at sea and in the sky.

The Tear Knights Are
An Enforcement Squad that was formed to gather Aquaroids who specialized in combat prowess during battle. that primarily specialize in attack power. Of course, enlistmentrequires high combat prowess and skills as well as being able to enforce "Justice" without being affected by emotions, and thus one also needs intense mental strength to be extremely cold and ruthless. Those who are selected recieve many more promotions in the future, so they are known as the most elite and best units in the navy.

The blue knights have been training long and hard.

Profile taken from Neo Ark Cradle. Skill text translated by FelGrand.

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