Thursday, 18 October 2012

[Card of the Day Profile] 19/10/12, CEO Amaterasu

EB05/001 RRR  -  EB05/S01 SP
CEO Amaterasu  「CEO アマテラス

Continuous [V]: During this turn, when you have 4 or cards in your hand, this unit gets Power +4000.

Auto [V]: During the start of your Main Phase, Soul Charge(1), look at the top 1 card of your Deck, place it either at the Top or the Bottom of your Deck.

Auto [V/R]: [Soul Blast(8), CounterBlast(5)] When this unit attack hits, you may pay the cost. If you do, Draw 5 cards. 

The sun goddess who serves as the CEO of the corporate juggernaut, "Oracle Think Tank" whose name is known in every land across the planet. Along with having the charisma and majesty one would expect from an eminent goddess such as herself, she has a grateful heart that never forgets kindness and always appreciates her subordinates, such that she earns a look of trust and respect from not only those inside the company, but those outside as well. Though the public isn't terribly aware of the matter, she is taking care of all the despondent Royal Knights, along with secretly aiding the Gold Paladins. As well, just like her divine object, the "Yata no Kagami", the eight-span mirror, emits sunlight that the darkness cannot consume, her smile is never tarnished. As the embodiment of the sun, she knows the light she emits from herself is able to save people.

Profile taken from Neo Ark Cradle. Skill text translated by Naoki.

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