Tuesday, 16 October 2012

[Card of the Day Profile] 17/10/12, Dancing Wolf

BT04/074 C
Dancing Wolf  「ダンシング・ウルフ

Auto [R]: During your Battle Phase, when this unit stands, it gains +3000 Power until the end of this turn.

A half-beast, half-human warrior. He has a great body that has been trained flawlessly, turning only his legs at the enemy. Using his flexible leg muscles, he continuously kicks his opponents, which is his only and strongest weapon. He is quite strong, since he can use his legs better than his arms, to the point his legs are arms, so if he turns around, he dances, and if he does that, he gets into the swing of things. From his style of dancing to encircle and capture the enemy, he gradually came to be known as "Dancing Wolf".

Profile taken from Neo Ark Cradle. Skill text translated by FelGrand.

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