Monday, 15 October 2012

[Card of the Day Profile] 16/10/12, Crimson Drive, Aphrodite and Crimson Impact, Metatron

BT09/076 C
Crimson Drive, Aphrodite 「真紅の衝動 アフロディテ」

Grade 2/Intercept/Clan: Angel Feather/ Type: Angel - Power 9,000/Shield 5,000/Critical: 1

Activate [Damage Zone]: [Flip this unit face down] Choose one <<Angel Feather>> Vanguard, it gains Power +3000 until the end of this turn.

A member of "Crimson Nursewind", the squad who all have flame-like crimson wings. Despite her nerdy, intellectual appearance, she's a problem child with a trouble making personality. She's fairly prone to burly brawling and fighting dirty, taking advantage of various amounts of magic, beating her opponents with shockwaves regardless of the situation, resulting in her being reprimanded by her commanding officer. Both friend and enemy fear her, and it's not uncommon that people are horrified to hear that the "Crimson Drive" is on the battlefield. If you see crimson shockwaves instantly appear and hit things, you should give up and run from the battlefield if you want to remain unhurt.

"Bullets are pretty scary... but I'd never want an injection backed by a pair of crimson wings."

BT09/005 RRR
Crimson Impact, Metatron 「真紅の奇跡 メタトロン」
Grade 3/Twin Drive!!/Clan: Angel Feather/ Type: Angel - Power 10,000/Shield -/Critical: 1

Activate [V] Limit Break (4): [CounterBlast(1), select 2 of your <<Angel Feathers>> Rearguards, move them to the Damage Zone] Select from your Damage Zone 2 of your face-up <<Angel Feather>> units, and call it to the Rearguard circle. You can only activate this skill once per turn.

Auto [V]: When this unit attacks a Vanguard, during this battle, this unit gets Power +3000.

The current commanding officer of the special forces with the crimson wings that look like fire: "Crimson Nursewind". She was once an high-ranking angel with 6 wings, but it's unknown why she yearned to join "Crimson Nursewind" to discard those wings. She is renowned as a visionary genius who has learned super-difficult healing spells and combat techniques at an unprecodented rate, to the point her name has attracted attention from everyone, including her former bosses. Now in a position where she is able to be granted audience with the Archangel, her real power is considered to be in the same class if not higher than the power of the commander of the Archangel's elite guard. She was given a title by the previous commanding officer who saw her knack, muttering she was a "Wunderkind".

"Get ready! Quickly, quickly, I'll cure this!"

Profiles taken from Neo Ark Cradle. Skill text translated by Naoki and FelGrand.

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